A Close Shave

Ya, I know.

It's been a while since I have taken the time to update...stuff happens.  In this case. 'stuff' was a two week trip to Orlando for work.  (BTW....  YAY!!! Canadian Women's Hockey RULES!!!!!)

So, I finally made it back to the shop and began the next stage for the chairs..(did I mention this is a long drawn out process?)

It's time to start spoke shaving the backs and arms of the latest chairs.   I enjoy this step, even if it takes a long time.   There is something peaceful about carving with a spokeshave... the whistle the shave makes as it cuts through the wood.  A rough band sawn piece emerges into a smooth flowing piece.  Curls of what isn't the chair falling to the floor.



It is going to take another eight hours or so to get this just right.....  I didn't say this was going to be a long post did I?

Back to the shop...