Obviously, I like to make different things… from airplanes to furniture to cabinetry.  I just like the challenge, and the creative outlet.

Everything you see on these pages can be made for you as well. (Except maybe the plane…that takes years)

I know that I can bring something into your home that will start a conversation.  Hopefully with you owning something that I was proud to make for you, and in addition, you are proud to show off.

Being a sole proprietor, I will require some time to complete the piece… I do not have a warehouse full of pre-made furniture ready to ship the next day.  I will do my best to estimate how long your order will take to complete.

Thanks for taking the time to read my rambling.  (As you can see from my lack of blog posts… I don’t expend a lot of energy on media updates : )

Chris Hepburn