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Finally.. I decided to update the portfolios

Now that I am officially a member of the non-recurring paycheque society (the retired) I can spend more time doing things that I have put off for a bit.

Hey, It’s done :)

The kitchen is finally complete!   Took a while, buy but work gets in the way sometimes…

The kitchen tap drips….

Yup,   you guessed it.  Whenever you have a dripping kitchen tap, standard procedure states that you have to replace the kitchen surrounding the offending tap. (And replace the tap of course) Since the chairs I was working on are finished, it was time to embark in a new direction for a while. I pondered […]

Does it pay to be picky?

Well,  there’s no good answer. I did a short post last week about shaping the back and arms of the new dining room chair set.  The process takes time and while you work, you can see the quality of the tapered finger joint that connects the back to the arms.    This joint is done […]

A Close Shave

Ya, I know. It’s been a while since I have taken the time to update…stuff happens.  In this case. ‘stuff’ was a two week trip to Orlando for work.  (BTW….  YAY!!! Canadian Women’s Hockey RULES!!!!!) So, I finally made it back to the shop and began the next stage for the chairs..(did I mention this is […]

Widgets and joints……

Today, medicine  Jon and I spent some time back in the photo studio setting up for a new widget on the site. It would be nice to let you see a 360 degree view of the furniture, so we started with a table that has a quilted Makore top….  this wood is unique in that […]

I should be in the shop

Yes, I should. But, before I continue, I have to thank Jon Ball, owner of Diskdaddy.com for helping me with all of the intricacies of setting up my new web presence.  Hopefully,  I will be able to take the time to post new ideas here,  or show you the progress of what I am currently working […]

Welcome, glad you stopped by

It’s true one has to start somewhere…  in my case however, it’s more like I started years ago, but just realized it recently.   I spend a large portion on my working life in the high tech industry.   It’s lots of fun, but….besides building transitory things on computers, there’s something satisfying in building things […]