To place an order, contact me through the contact form...  Sorry about that, but putting my phone number here just results in a lot of spam calls.

I am the only person in this venture, and each piece is lovingly made for you using the best woods I can source for your piece. 


For a price quote on a specific piece, please email me at your convenience.  Each piece is handmade by me, for you.


I accept E-transfers. Cash doesn't seem to be necessary anymore...and if you are have a computer.  Credit card companies usually charge 3 to 5% of the sale.  I would prefer you and I share that percentage.


I require a deposit of 30% when your order is placed,  balance due when the piece is ready to ship to you.


Shipping will vary depending on location and size.  Shipping long distances will be via UPS.   If you happen to live close by, I will happily deliver the piece to you personally.  International customer shipping cost will be determined as required. (Of course I would be very happy to deliver to you personally as well if the ticket is taken care of. )

Customer Satisfaction:

I offer a lifetime guarantee on all my pieces I build.  If there are any problems with your piece I will strive to make you 100% satisfied.  If not, it goes without saying that I will gladly refund your hard earned money when you return the piece to me.