Welcome, glad you stopped by

It’s true one has to start somewhere…  in my case however, it's more like I started years ago, but just realized it recently.   I spend a large portion on my working life in the high tech industry.   It's lots of fun, but....besides building transitory things on computers, there's something satisfying in building things with your hands...heck I rarely even draw a picture of the 'thing' on a computer first.  A sketch on a piece of paper is much faster 🙂

I like to build things...  Furniture.  Cabinetry, Hardwood floor inlays..., I have also built a plane (the flying kind) , rebuilt houses...you get the picture.   Not really enough time to do everything.


The Workshop

Over the years,  people would look at my work and ask...'So, do you do this for a living?'

I stare back at them and say  "No...."  and the little voice in my head says "Why not?". ...  good question.

I like to think of this as my web experiment.  Will people REALLY buy something from me here?  Time will tell.

Take a moment and browse through my gallery...I'm pretty proud of the pieces in there.  Maybe something will catch your eye too.  (And then... contact me.  I would be happy to make something for you )